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The reason we never received the real thing is that we have not displayed any tendency to do the same for ourselves which other human beings do: to protect our humanity and project our humanity. I’ll clarify what I mean. Not a single white person in America would sit idly by and let someone do to him what we black men have been letting others do to us. The white person would not remain passive, peaceful, and nonviolent. The day the black man in this country shows others that we are just as human as they in reaction to injustice, that we are willing to die just as quickly to protect our lives and property as whites have shown, only then will our people be recognized as human beings. It is inhuman, absolutely subhuman, for a man to let a dog bite him and not fight back. Let someone club him and let him not fight back, or let someone put water hoses on his women, his mother and daughter and babies and let him not fight back then he’s subhuman. The day he becomes a human being he will react as other human beings have reacted, and nobody will hold it against him.

Sticking The Landing x The Avengers


would take an Army to pull me out.


"Fuck you to the San Francisco Police DepartmentFuck you to the Marin County Sheriff’s DepartmentFuck you to the F.B.IFuck you to the C.I.AFuck you to the B-U-S-HFuck you to the AmeriKKKaFuck you to all you redneck prejudiced muthafuckazthat wanna fuck with me, fuck y’all!”  - Tupac Shakur